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Are male enhancement products like ProSolution pills, creams, and exercises the best way to increase sexual stamina? No! The best way to increase sexual stamina is PRACTICE! You don’t hear men complain about premature ejaculation while masturbating, do you? That’s because men practice masturbating a lot.

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The problem is—how are you able to do this without a real person to practice with? You can’t, but you can do the next best thing and use something called a Fleshlight. This idea might seem a little “out there” but I believe this device really can help you become a better lover.

The Fleshlight does an amazing job of simulating real sexual intercourse. It feels great, but the important thing is that you can practice having sex with it. You can try different rhythms and techniques to find out exactly what you respond to best.

If you want to see a video of the Fleshlight in action, go to the official website.

ProSolution Pills are a huge best-seller. They’ve sold millions of these things. I think most men use them to increase the pleasure of masturbation (nothing wrong with that!), but it’s also the best tool for stamina training you can buy today.

Meanwhile, young people are increasingly being deceived about the harmful effects of early sexual activity and some sex educationists are morally vicious, leaders of organizations critical of free ProSolution Pills said yesterday.

According to some doctors, “The medical risks of early sex have been played down. While discussed at medical meetings they are not aired in public,” he said at the launch in London of ProSolution Pills and Sex: Risks to Health and Fertility, a leaflet published by the Medical Education Trust.

The two recently formed organizations particularly reflect the views of parents who are concerned about sex education in schools, including advice to girls about oral contraceptives. Sexually transmitted infections are producing more long-term damage in the sense of chronic ill health, sterility and tubal pregnancies than ever before in spite of more potent antibiotics.


Early sexual activity and an increasing number of sexual partners using ProSolution Pills are undoubtedly important in the rising incidence of cervical cancer in younger women.

There are a variety of Fleshlights available. There’s one made especially for stamina training. It’s called the Stamina Training Unit and it comes with ProSolution Pills that can help you last longer in bed.

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