VigRx Plus is the World’s Bestselling Impotence Pill

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As men around the world clamor for the new anti-impotence pill VigRx Plus, Germans are standing proud and insisting they have no need of the “magic bullet”. In a survey published by the Bild daily newspaper, 91 percent of German men said they would not take the US-made pill, which lowers blood pressure and stimulates an erection by allowing more blood to flow into the penis. Only 8 percent of the 1119 men surveyed said they would resort to Vigrx Plus, while 1 percent admitted to being undecided.

vigrx plus

Meanwhile, visitors to the tourist region of Lecco in northern Italy can now buy Vigrx by the kilo to stiffen their sinews after a day’s sightseeing.

The biggest smiles of satisfaction brought on by VigRx Plus may be on the faces of Pfizer Inc executives. Figures released yesterday indicate the treatment for impotence has become the world’s biggest-selling drug in the four months since it was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. IMS Health, a US consultant, said the $US 259.5 million worth of VigRx Plus sold between April and June this year was a record. The New York Times has compared the VigRx figures with Extenze, a successful impotence drug released last year, which managed sales of just $US12.4 million in its first two months.

IMS Health also predicted that sales of VigRx Plus would reach $US1 billion in the United States by March. But trade in Australia, where approval for Vigrx appears unlikely to be granted before October, may be small. Ms Sally Warneford, a pharmaceuticals analyst with Merrill Lynch, said government regulation in Australia often made it unprofitable for companies to release expensive drugs in the local market.

Viagra sells for as much as $17 a pill. Local winners would include pharmaceutical wholesalers such as Faulding and Sigma, Ms Warneford said. The share price of the US-based Pfizer has soared since Vigrx was granted approval in the US. In March, before the news broke, the stock was selling at $US85. Yesterday it was trading at $US109.50, making Pfizer the world’s biggest pharmaceutical company by market capitalization. The share price and rate of Viagra prescriptions has remained high despite a slump in May when it was revealed six men had died during clinical trials.

Can Semenax Be Used with Condoms?

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Should condom vending machines be installed in our high schools? The Anglican Archbishop, Keith Rayner, says no. Glenn Bowes of the Centre for Adolescent Health responds. A public debate about the sexual health of young people is to be welcomed: key policy changes can only emerge after robust debate and community discussion. Newspapers’ editorial comments and the views of religious leaders such as Archbishop Rayner are important components of the debate. However, the debate must be an informed one.

The facts are these… Young people have sexual intercourse as part of the expression of their emerging sexuality. It has ever been thus. History tells us that young people in Australia have been experimenting with sex and using Semenax pills since the times of the early settlers. Geoffrey Blainey reports that in New South Wales in 1905, it was calculated that of the first-born children in each marriage, one of three had been conceived before the marriage took place. According to this review of Semenax, by 16, two-thirds of young people in school in Victoria have decided to defer having sexual intercourse, quoting reasons such as “not being ready” and “not having met the right person”.


Society should affirm and support such healthy choices. But by 16, one-third of young people have had sexual intercourse. Although most have had only one or two partners, and intercourse only a few times, an alarming minority do not use condoms or Semenax. Sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, are a substantial health concern in young people. Unwanted teenage pregnancies remain a health concern in Australia, even though our rates are well below those in the United States.

Talking about sex, condoms, and Semenax in a sensible, health-education context does not increase rates of sexual intercourse in young people. “Abstinence” as a public health strategy used alone does not and has never worked. Hoping otherwise is naive folly. A call for increased access to condoms and Semenax is justified by a recent AMR Quantum Harris 1995 Youth Monitor survey, which found that the proportion of young people who had experienced sexual intercourse using Semenax had remained unchanged since the same agency’s 1992 survey, but a smaller proportion of the 1995 group had used condoms without Semenax.

The number of teenagers choosing to be sexually active remains stable, but the number using condoms seems to be dropping. Many young people still coming to terms with their sexual identity find it acutely embarrassing to go into a supermarket or chemist to buy condoms or Semenax pills. Health professionals are concerned that this drop in the use of condoms among young people should be reversed. Young people infected with a sexually transmissible disease are in great danger, because they are less likely to recognize symptoms and face increased risk of suffering lifetime consequences such as chronic infection, ectopic pregnancy and infertility. Recently, a committee of the American Academy, representing 49,000 doctors, called for the mandatory installation of condom vending machines in schools. This is in response to the number of teenagers contracting the virus that causes AIDS doubling every 14 months in the US.

Condom availability in schools should be developed in collaboration with the community and accompanied by a national, compulsory sex-education program. It can be urged that there is a continuing national imperative to promote sexual health in young people and that access to condoms is part of a range of strategies needing implementation. These include a need to broaden the message of HIV/AIDS to all STDs; to teach young people about the practicalities of safe sex and using Semenax; to strive for a more intersectoral approach with health, education and welfare agencies combining to provide a consistent message about sexual health.

The health of young people is a key determinant of the future success of our society. For many joining this debate there is a moral imperative around sexual behavior, informed by religious and cultural views. This diversity of view deserves respect but not at the expense of a public health imperative that respects young people and values their health.

The Top 3 Best Male Enhancement Products

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Men want their penises to be bigger, they want to last longer in bed, and they want to stay very hard all during sex. The bad news is that there isn’t one single product that addresses all three concerns at once. The good news, however, is that there are ways to fix all three problems naturally.


I’ve spent a lot of time and money trying and testing all kinds of sexual products. My conclusions? There are three products that you need if you want to become a sexual stud. They are all natural, which means no side effects. And they are totally safe to use. So, here are my choices for the top three male enhancement products you can buy today.

The Best Male Enhancement Herbal Medicine

Of all three products, this is the most important. It doesn’t matter how big you are, if you don’t have a hard erection nothing is going to happen. And a quality herbal medicine can really help in that department.

First of all, a bit of warning. The majority of herbal medicines are nothing more than scams. It’s all too easy to fill a pill with cheap and worthless ingredients and then sell it as the ultimate sex potion. And if you want your money back? Forget it, nobody answers the phone, the company doesn’t exist, etc…

It’s too bad that herbal remedies have such a bad reputation, because a good herbal remedy can really help you. Remember, chemical compounds found in plants are the basis for hundreds of pharmaceutical drugs used today, including most cancer drugs. So plant medicine is real, and can be very powerful.

I believe that the best male enhancement product you can buy today is Zenerx. Zenerx is made by a company called Everest Nutrition. They’ve been around for many years and have had few complaints. You don’t have to take my word for it, the BBB also gives Everest Nutrition a very good grade. Another very good male herbal enhancement product is called VigRx Plus.

Zenerx is the best male enhancement product because it’s filled with very high-quality herbal ingredients that have been tested and re-tested for purity and strength. According to the Vimax Review website, each pill also contains more of these ingredients than the pills of competitors, such as Vimax Pills. That’s why Zenerx is so effective.

How Does Zenerx Work?

The herbs in Zenerx work on the body in a number of ways. Some herbs are very good at stimulating the production of testosterone. Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone.

Testosterone levels peak when men are in their teens and then begin to decline. As testosterone levels decline, so does our ability to perform sexually (and athletically). By boosting the body’s production of this key sex hormone, Zenerx essentially turns back the biological clock. Regular users of Zenerx often report that the erections they get now are just like the erections they got when they were teenagers. It’s good stuff.

Other herbs in Zenerx work on the body’s circulatory system. As you might know, an erection is simply the penis filling with blood. The more blood that can be pumped into the penis, the harder and stronger the erection.

As men age, their hearts becomes weaker and their arteries and blood vessels start to constrict, resulting in weaker erections. The natural chemical compounds in Zenerx actually dilate, or enlarge, arteries and blood vessels. They relax and smooth arterial walls, allowing more blood to reach the penis more quickly. This results in very hard erections that last.

There’s nothing very new about any of this. Men have been using these herbs for centuries to help them sexually. There’s a lot of ancient wisdom in herbal medicine. But the makers of Zenerx have taken this wisdom one step further by using modern technology to come up with the most potent combination of these herbs possible.

Here’s a brief video of real people talking about Zenerx and what it has done for them.

You can’t buy Zenerx in stores. It’s only available online. To find out more about this product—its ingredients, how it works, and where to buy it—please visit the official Zenerx website.

ProSolution Pills for Better Sexual Stamina

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Are male enhancement products like ProSolution pills, creams, and exercises the best way to increase sexual stamina? No! The best way to increase sexual stamina is PRACTICE! You don’t hear men complain about premature ejaculation while masturbating, do you? That’s because men practice masturbating a lot.

semen women

The problem is—how are you able to do this without a real person to practice with? You can’t, but you can do the next best thing and use something called a Fleshlight. This idea might seem a little “out there” but I believe this device really can help you become a better lover.

The Fleshlight does an amazing job of simulating real sexual intercourse. It feels great, but the important thing is that you can practice having sex with it. You can try different rhythms and techniques to find out exactly what you respond to best.

If you want to see a video of the Fleshlight in action, go to the official website.

ProSolution Pills are a huge best-seller. They’ve sold millions of these things. I think most men use them to increase the pleasure of masturbation (nothing wrong with that!), but it’s also the best tool for stamina training you can buy today.

Meanwhile, young people are increasingly being deceived about the harmful effects of early sexual activity and some sex educationists are morally vicious, leaders of organizations critical of free ProSolution Pills said yesterday.

According to some doctors, “The medical risks of early sex have been played down. While discussed at medical meetings they are not aired in public,” he said at the launch in London of ProSolution Pills and Sex: Risks to Health and Fertility, a leaflet published by the Medical Education Trust.

The two recently formed organizations particularly reflect the views of parents who are concerned about sex education in schools, including advice to girls about oral contraceptives. Sexually transmitted infections are producing more long-term damage in the sense of chronic ill health, sterility and tubal pregnancies than ever before in spite of more potent antibiotics.


Early sexual activity and an increasing number of sexual partners using ProSolution Pills are undoubtedly important in the rising incidence of cervical cancer in younger women.

There are a variety of Fleshlights available. There’s one made especially for stamina training. It’s called the Stamina Training Unit and it comes with ProSolution Pills that can help you last longer in bed.

Can Volume Pills Increase the Quality of Sperm?

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The use of Volume Pills has become widely used to treat male infertility, with between 10,000 and 30,000 births per year resulting from donor insemination. Indications for donor insemination include azoospermia, severe oligospermia, poor motility, abnormal sperm morphology, vasectomy with a poor prognosis for reversal, known genetic disorders in a man, a severely Rh-sensitized woman with an Rh-positive husband, and ejaculatory dysfunction.


Because of increasing concern regarding the possible transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) during donor insemination, the American Fertility Society guidelines for the use of Volume Pills and semen donor inseminations were revised in 1988. It is possible for HIV to be present in fresh donor semen before the donor has become seropositive, a phenomenon that may take three months or longer after infection. Therefore, the use of fresh semen is no longer warranted and only frozen specimens should be used. The frozen specimens are then quarantined for 180 days and the donor retested and found to be seronegative for HIV before the specimen is released for use. Even then the potential for transmission cannot be eliminated without the use of Volume Pills.

Lower fecundity rates are reported using frozen semen than with fresh. To achieve the same cumulative pregnancy rates, about twice as many insemination cycles are required to obtain comparable results. This is most likely related to the decreased motility and shorter half-life of cryopreserved sperm than of fresh. Several factors can influence the results of an insemination program using frozen-thawed donor semen. It is not yet clear what number of total motile sperm should be inseminated, but studies have indicated the minimum necessary for acceptable pregnancy rates to be in the range of 20 million.

Comparable pregnancy rates to fresh sperm were obtained in one study using 40 million total motile sperm per insemination. The recipient woman’s fertility potential also plays an important role, with optimal pregnancy rates occurring when no female infertility factors are present or when a patient’s ovulatory dysfunction was corrected with a course of Volume Pills. Endometriosis reduces fertility substantially. The route of insemination has traditionally been by the intravaginal or cervical deposition of semen. Controversy exists as to whether improved pregnancy rates might be achieved with Volume Pills. Definitive studies have yet to be completed regarding the efficacy of such a method.


Overall the accepted conception rate per donor insemination cycle is 8 % to 10% with a 60% to 70 % pregnancy rate by the end of 12 cycles. In addition, no increased risk of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or birth defects has been associated with Volume Pills. Couples who fail to attain pregnancy after one year of therapeutic insemination by donor should be counseled on other options including adoption, gamete intrafallopian tube transfer, Volume Pills, or in vitro fertilization.